The Latest Full Force Attack on Trump Shows One Thing…

The Latest Full Force Attack on Trump Shows One Thing…

The Liberals

Life with rules created by liberals…

An illegal alien arrested for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl multiple times has since been released into the general public by Montgomery County, Maryland, officials.

Rene Ramos-Hernandez, a 56-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, was arrested by the Montgomery County Police Department after a 25-year-old woman accused him of raping her as a seven-year-old “at least ten times” between 2002 and 2003, according to ABC7 News’s Kevin Lewis.

The woman, in 2017, told police she had been raped as a child on multiple occasions by Ramos-Hernandez. In June, the illegal alien was finally arrested by police and charged with two counts of second-degree rape and one count of sexual abuse of a minor.

At the time of his booking, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency placed a detainer on Ramos-Hernandez, asking that he be held in Montgomery County custody until he could be properly transferred to ICE agents.

Montgomery County officials refuse to hold illegal aliens solely for the purpose of handing custody over to ICE agents. Likewise, Montgomery County bans ICE agents from entering county-owned facilities such as libraries and police stations.

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Leave it the Daily Beast to take the most myopic view of the president’s commentary about the desecration of monuments. According to their assessment, he is making an argument about the statues.

Statues are symbols of much larger ideas. Most often, they depict people who have made exceptional contributions to our founding ideals or the continual progress of living up to them. Sometimes they represent individuals who make unique contributions to science or industry. Some make a significant contribution to a state or location.

In other words, we are attracted to what they thought, created, or changed. When President Trump defends depictions of our past and memorials, he is defending the ideas, ingenuity, and progress we have made as a nation. The sum total is the history of our country. To insinuate the majority of Americans don’t see this distinction is not just insulting. It is the sum total of what the elites in Washington D.C. and the media think of most Americans.

This disdain wasn’t lost in the debate over kneeling to the flag in the NFL. It turns out the President was correct. It was not about police brutality. It was about hatred for our country, its symbols, and traditions. Chief kneeler and mediocre quarterback Colin Kaepernick proved that himself this weekend

This oppressed multi-millionaire just inked a deal with Disney. The first project is a docuseries about his life. One has to wonder if it will include anything about the adoptive family that raised him or the biological mother that gave birth to him. It would seem his tweet raised a defiant middle finger at all of them.

It turns out President Trump was correct about our other national symbols as well. When confederate statues were being removed, he wondered how long until it was Washington and Jefferson that the left was trying to remove.

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Leading Market News

A “black swan” event is a highly unusual, utterly unpredictable happening that throws everybody for a loop. As far as the stock market is concerned, black swans are almost always bad. For instance, 9/11 was a black swan. COVID-19 is a black swan, too. 

black swan in a group of white swans

The coronavirus, which did not exist a year ago, has now shut down much of the world economy. The stock market hates that sort of uncertainty, and so earlier this year there was a massive sell-off.

Fear drove the market down:

March in particular showed really a scary drop. For instance, Shopify shares dropped from $593 on Feb. 12 to $305 on March 18. To lose almost half your money in a month is scary.

In the weeks and months that followed, the market discovered that Shopify’s business is actually doing great during this crisis. Revenue was up, way up. When the market finally figured it out, Shopify zoomed up to over $1,000 a share. Indeed, many internet stocks are seeing a surge in their business during this health scare. Stocks like TwilioZoom, and Datadog have all doubled in six months.  

Why is this happening in the middle of a quarantine? Humanity is fighting against COVID-19. We don’t like this stupid virus, and we want to beat it: “You’re not going to defeat me! I’ll move my business online.” The rise in internet stock prices reflects this resiliency.

Yet far bigger rewards are being made by those small-cap biotech companies that are pursuing a coronavirus vaccine. These tiny companies have declared war on COVID-19, and the market is cheering these stocks higher and higher. 

What is the surprising coronavirus stock?

It’s a biotech stock. Specifically, it’s a small-cap biotech company that specializes in vaccines. And it’s very surprising. It’s Novavax.

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The Back Page

A Farmington, Minn. teenager was in for quite a surprise when she reeled in what turned out to be a world-record-breaking Goliath grouper while vacationing with her family in Florida.

Reegan Werner was on a deep-sea fishing trip with her brother, mother and stepfather near Marco Island on May 31, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported. While on the excursion, Werner hooked the fish of a lifetime, which also happened to be her first catch of the day.

 “I was, like, in shock pretty much,” said the 115-pound Werner of the 583-pound fish. “My biggest fish before that was a salmon. I was, like, dang, I want to catch another one.”

According to the Pioneer Press, the fish measured in at 83 inches long and 75 inches in girth — breaking the current women’s world record of 366 pounds caught in 1965. The overall Goliath grouper record still stands at 680 pounds, and was hooked in 1961 by Lynn Joyner, the International Game Fish Association reported.

The impressive catch was lured in after a 15-minute fight, where Werner was able to get it measured — and take a picture with it — before it was released.

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