Trump to do 200MPH on the Racetrack & The NBA Prints Their ‘Social Justice’ Jerseys

Trump to do 200MPH on the Racetrack & The NBA Prints Their ‘Social Justice’ Jerseys

The Liberals

Instead of NBA players’ last names, athletes will be able to have displayed a “social justice” word and phrase, selected from an approved list.

The approved list, released over the weekend, includes “Anti-Racist,” “Ally,” “Say Her Name,” “I Can’t Breathe,” “Enough,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “How Many More” (see full list below).

“The messages will be displayed for the first four nights of resumed play.” “After those games, a player can replace the approved word or phrase with their last name. However, if they want to continue displaying the social justice message, their name will be placed below their number.”

Last month, the NBA also announced that “Black Lives Matter,” the name of a far-left anti-cop activist group, will be painted on both sides of the courts in Walt Disney World arenas, where the league has committed to play once the coronavirus-related pause has lifted.

Black Lives Matter has explicitly called for the national defunding of police officers and for the disruption of the nuclear family, as well as a host of other demands tied to left-wing pet causes.

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One NASCAR driver was so resolute about his support for President Trump that his car featured a “Trump 2020” theme painted in red, white and blue at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the Brickyard 400 on Sunday.

Corey LaJoie, driver of the #32 Trump 2020 Ford, drives during the NASCAR Cup Series Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 Powered by Big Machine Records at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 05, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Although Corey LaJoie’s No. 32 Ford car got totaled when several cars attempted to enter pit road simultaneously 14 laps into the Brickyard 400, creating a huge pileup, his car will appear in eight additional races following the Brickyard 400.

LaJoie’s car was sponsored by Go Fas Racing, LaJoie’s racing team, which joined the Patriots of America PAC, which backs Trump. Go Fas Racing team owner Archie St. Hilaire stated in a GoFas Racing press release, “I am honored to be part of the President’s re-election campaign through the Patriots of America PAC. As a Trump 2020 supporter, this team will do everything possible to secure victory on and off the track electing President Donald Trump to a second term. Let us bring this country back and Keep America Great!”

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Leading Market News

‘People are woefully underinvested. There’s $5 trillion in money market funds. So I think the markets are going up. I think they’re going up a lot more than people think. We may stall here for a while… but I think you’re gonna get a rocket ship coming in the fall this year.’

That’s Jeff Saut, chief investment strategist at Capital Wealth Planning, delivering a bullish take on the market that caught CNBC’s Joe Kernan off guard on Monday morning.

“Y’all live in New York City. Go to the restaurants,” Saut continued. “Restaurants are full. Restaurants in St. Petersburg are full. The economy is doing a lot better than most of the economists think.”

With earnings poised to surprise to the upside and the economy rebounding faster than expected, he said he’s looking for the S&P 500 to break 4,000 within a year. 

At last check, the broad-market gauge was up more than 1% at 3,174. The Dow and the Nasdaq were also firmly higher in Monday’s session.

“This is a secular bull market,” Saut said. “Depending on your starting point… this thing ought to have another five, six, seven years left in and nobody believes it.”

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The Back Page

U.S. Special Operations Command will soon conduct a first-of-its-kind test off Hawaii — the launch and recovery of a new SEAL commando minisub from a Virginia-class submarine — as the elite and secretive force retools some of its undersea assets.

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Mark 11.

Two of the 22-foot SEAL Delivery Vehicle Mark 11s already were delivered to Hawaii for fleet familiarization and two more were undergoing government acceptance, Capt. Kate Dolloff, Special Operations Command’s maritime program executive officer, said at a mid-May industry conference. Ten are to be built.

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1 at Pearl Harbor has operated older Mark 8 delivery vehicles that are challenged “with technology obsolescence ” and are slated to be replaced one-for-one by the newer, slightly larger and 4, 000-pounds-heavier Mark 11s, the command said.

Each of the “next generation ” 10, 000-pound, free-flooding vehicles–which still require the use of wetsuits and scuba gear–carry two crew and four passengers and have better navigation and greater payload abilities.

The submersibles are launched from watertight Dry Deck Shelters that are fitted to and connected with larger host submarines.

Special Operations Command–like the rest of the U.S. military–is grappling with changing from specializing in low-tech desert conflict to a focus on “great power ” competition with China and Russia.

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