“Woke” Liberal ESPN is Going Broke…We Want Sports, Not Liberals Preaching on a Sports Channel

“Woke” Liberal ESPN is Going Broke…We Want Sports, Not Liberals Preaching on a Sports Channel

The Liberals

Last month, ESPN saw its lowest ratings in the network’s 41-year history as “WokeCenter on steroids” takes over, Outkick’s Clay Travis noted on Friday.

On his popular Outkick the Coverage site, Travis insisted that the cable network’s ratings crash was not because of the coronavirus, but instead because it has allowed itself to, once again, become all about politics in place of sports.

“The network, which has become more left-wing than MSNBC and CNN combined over the past several weeks, has completely abandoned sports coverage, Travis wrote on June 12. “The result? Viewers, many of whom were willing to watch the channel even during a pandemic disaster with limited sports to consume, have abandoned it in droves. How bad was it? We’re talking full-on crisis mode level awfulness.”

“There are many serious things going on in our country right now, and the vast majority of sports fans know where to find news about serious things going on in the world. That’s why cable news ratings have skyrocketed. But sports fans don’t want their sports commentators to be weighing in on non-sports news on sports networks,” Travis said.

“The ratings are clear about that,” he added. “And the ratings are clear that sports fans just want to watch games as well. Twitter gets happy when athletes and sports commentators weigh in on non-sports topics, but Twitter, as always, isn’t the real world. It’s a distorted, funhouse mirror carnival version of the real world. The data is clear: sports fans want sports.

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Buzz is swirling that President Donald Trump will return to the same venue where he made his first splash in the political world nearly five years ago with a political rally, but this time supporting the political opponent of his first major ally, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump Tommy Tuberville

Multiple sources have told Breitbart News on background Trump will appear in Mobile, AL’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium to campaign on behalf of former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, Sessions’ opponent in a July 14 primary runoff election.

The winner of that contest will face incumbent U.S. Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), who won the seat in a stunning 2017 special election. Before Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, Sessions occupied that seat for two decades.

It is believed Trump’s appearance in Alabama will take place on July 11, just days before Alabamians go to the polls in that runoff event.

Trump’s decision to appear in Mobile on Tuberville’s behalf could be a strategic one. In the March 3 primary contest, Mobile and the surrounding area was dominated by Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), who finished third with 24.9% of the vote. With those votes up for grabs, both Tuberville and Sessions have invested time in Alabama’s two southernmost counties.

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Leading Market News

Shares in Asia jumped in Tuesday morning trade following a dramatic bounce back overnight on Wall Street.

2018 Isa fund tips: As global growth surges ahead, here’s ...

The Nikkei 225 in Japan surged 2.86% in early trade while the Topix index advanced 2.49%.

Overall, the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index traded 0.92% higher.

Investors on Tuesday will likely focus on central bank announcements, with the Reserve Bank of Australia set to release the minutes of its recent monetary policy meeting at around 9:30 a.m. HK/SIN. The Bank of Japan is also set to release its monetary policy statement sometime on Tuesday.

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced Monday more measures to support the market. The Fed said it would buy individual corporate bonds, marking a broader approach to corporate bond buying. Previously indicating it would eventually buy bonds on the primary market, Monday’s announcement by the U.S. central bank marked an expansion of that into the secondary market.

The U.S. dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of its peers, was at 96.565 after slipping from levels above 97 seen earlier.

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The Back Page

This is insane!

Two bystanders saved a Midland, Texas, police officer’s life while he was stuck in a skirmish with a suspect who allegedly tried to take his gun.

Alex Salinas told KOSA that his family was driving past a parking lot when they saw a fight break out between the officer and the suspect.

As soon as Salinas realized what was happening, he intervened. He said the attacker was attempting to gouge out the officer’s eye and put a hand on the officer’s holstered gun.

“I went for his arm, his hands, to try to take it away from him,” Salinas said. “He had it gripped so I thought just do what you can. That’s all I was thinking, do what I can.”

Salinas pulled the alleged attacker’s hands away from the gun while another woman tackled the suspect at the legs.

“I squeezed it and when I squeezed it, he let go of the officer’s eye,” Salinas said. “He yelled ‘Agh! My eye!’ Like, he had him pretty bad.”

The combined effort overpowered the alleged attacker, and the officer was able to arrest him.

The Midland Police Department awarded Salinas with a commemorative coin for his bravery in the situation.

The coin’s message reads, “Am I doing the right thing at the right time, the right way and for the right reason?”
Salinas said that if he and the other bystander did not intervene, that officer could have been killed.

“For the Midland Police Department to come and give my family this,” Salinas said, looking at the coin. “It’s something I did. It’s something good I did. I’m proud of it.”

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