Eagle Scout Prospect on Zoom Class has Police Show up After Liberal School Officials Overaction

Eagle Scout Prospect on Zoom Class has Police Show up After Liberal School Officials Overaction

The Liberals

Nearly speechless over this one.

The ultimate liberal overlord reaction from school officials.

A Baltimore County, Md., fifth-grader got a visit from the police after his teacher called to report that she had seen a BB gun on the wall behind the student during a class video call.

The boy’s mother, Courtney Lancaster Sperry, a Navy veteran, is warning other parents about a lack of privacy during virtual classes after her son was targeted by a teacher who saw what she thought was a scary-looking gun hanging on the wall of the boy’s bedroom.

“While my son was on a Zoom call, a ‘concerned parent’ and subsequently two teachers saw his properly stowed and mounted Red Ryder BB gun and one other BB gun in the background,” Sperry wrote on Facebook. “He was not holding them and never intentionally showed them on video. In fact, he was oblivious that they could even be seen in the background.”

After the teacher reported the gun, the principal, Jason Feiler, decided to call the police to report the guns and ask that the home be searched.

The principal and the teacher cited a rule stating that students may not bring guns to school and claimed it extended to virtual classes as well, Sperry said, adding that the school handbook does not address rules for virtual learning at all. Besides, “he did not BRING anything to this meeting and he is in his own home,” she said. “They were simply in the background in our home, safely stowed in a room behind a closed door, with no ammunition (if you can even call it that).”

The 11-year-old in question is a Boy Scout, pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout and is an “outdoors / all-boy kind of kid,” his mom said. “And as his parents and by way of legal rights, he is allowed to own said guns.” In addition to the BB gun, she said her son is training in archery and enjoys shooting his Airsoft gun.

“The officers that responded were appalled at the call and even commended the set-up that my son has for his toys and commended him also on his respect and understanding of the BB guns,” Sperry wrote on Facebook.

According to Sperry, the spy teacher took a screenshot of the boy’s bedroom, which is incredibly creepy and a violation of the family’s privacy. When the mother demanded to see the screenshot taken by the creeper-teacher, she was told she would not be allowed to view it because it wasn’t part of his official school record.

“It’s absolutely scary to think about,” Sperry said. “Who are on these calls? Who do we have viewing [our] children and subsequently taking these screenshots that can be sent anywhere or used for any purpose?”

Wow, absolutely infuriating.

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President Donald Trump criticized American sporting organizations for making steps to allow players to kneel in protest during the national anthem.

“I won’t be watching much anymore!” Trump wrote, sharing an article reporting the United States Soccer Federation repealed a rule banning players from kneeling during the national anthem.

In a statement, U.S. Soccer apologized for the rule, that kept their players from protesting during the anthem.

“We have not done enough to listen — especially to our players — to understand and acknowledge the very real and meaningful experiences of Black and other minority communities in our country.” the statement read “We apologize to our players — especially our Black players — staff, fans, and all who support eradicating racism.”

U.S. Soccer implemented the rule banning kneeling during the anthem in 2017 after Megan Rapinoe knelt during the anthem in solidarity with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Trump also noted that the NFL would likely allow kneeling during the anthem after commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was “wrong” for not listening to their players on the issue.

“It looks like the NFL is heading in that direction also, but not with me watching!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

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Leading Market News

U.S. stock index futures dropped sharply late Sunday, suggesting continued choppy trading following Thursday’s deep selloff and Friday’s partial rebound. 

Stock futures trade mixed ahead of Fed meeting - Spectrum ...

As of 8 p.m. Eastern, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were down around 345 points, or 1.4%, while S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq-100 futures fell about the same percentage. 

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said Sunday that the U.S. economic recovery hinged on effective public health measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. 

“The extent we do that well will determine how quickly we recover. 

We’ll grow faster if we do those things well,” Kaplan told CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” “And right now, it’s relatively uneven.” Last week, Wall Street posted its worst week since March, with all three major indexes on Thursday seeing their sharpest one-day drops since March 16. 

On Friday, The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 477.37 points, or 1.9%, to close at 25,605.54, while the S&P 500 index added 39.21 points, or 1.3%, at 3.041.31, and the Nasdaq Composite Index climbed 96.08 points, or 1%, to 9,588.81.

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The Back Page

Harold Thomas of Indian Hill, Ohio, said he has donated millions to services in his community and recently added hundreds of thousands more to local police departments.

police car lights, crime

The 87-year-old retired businessman told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he has donated tens of millions of dollars to local hospitals, colleges, municipal public-safety departments, and others because “charity begins at home.” To that end, he has recently boosted police funding in the nearby cities of Indian Hill, Madeira, and Montgomery by a cool $250,000 each.

My reason was I knew Indian Hill needed new state-of-the-art radio equipment for each of their officers to be more efficient when on patrol,” Thomas said. “I also learned they needed other items but did not have the funds to purchase them.”

According to Thomas, Indian Hill “spent over $100,000 [of his donation] to equip all their officers with the new radios. I assumed Madeira and Montgomery had the same problem, so I included them in my giving,” Thomas said.

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